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OC Escorts

OC Escorts

Smoking Hot OC Escorts to you!


Hey Guys,

Searching for the hottest OC Escorts?   Look no further you have found the best.  Omg, you have to see what we look like. You can check us out by clicking on the homepage button on the top left hand corner of this blog or visit our website anytime at www.escortsorangecounty.com

So if you’re bored and hanging out tonight with nothing to do and you have been looking around at OC Escorts….then STOP right here.  We are young, gorgeous and single….hot beach babes, love to have fun love to party. Keep in mind guys, when you are looking for the hottest OC Escorts and you are in Newport Beach, Ca, Irvine, Ca, or Costa Mesa, Ca…..or even if you are in south county you call only us, when you’re looking for OC Escorts.    We love to meet real cool new people that love to have fun and treat us with respect.  What we don’t like are real cavalier people who talk down to us and treat us like we are prostitutes……because we definitely are not that!!! lol!!!  We know how to have fun treat guys like a king and we would never ever think about disrespecting you so we expect the same treatment in return.   That’s what it’s all about right?  Having fun?    Relieving stress not thinking about anything at the moment except having a great time!!!! lol  If that’s what you’re looking for then look no further!!!  You have found the hottest OC escorts in this business ever!!  Don’t hesitate to call us because we get booked up fast, lol and you definitely would not like the alternative, lol!!!  We are the hottest strippers in OC, CA, and the hottest OC Escort!!!

 Thanks for listening to us talk about OC, Escorts.  Again our website is www.escortsorangecounty.com and our number is 949-374-8009, you can call us anytime.

Escorts In Orange County, CA

escorts in orange county

Escorts in Orange County, CA


The Most Amazing escorts in Orange County, CA are The Beach Girls!!!

Hi everyone!

We are the only Escorts in Orange County, CA to call!  Ok, you got to see our website and check us out now! It’s easy, all you have to do is click on the green home pg button or you can always get to our site anytime by going to www.escortsorangecounty.com 24 hours a day! Please make sure you do that right now.  We’re HOT and the rest are NOT!  Well that is unless you like older  40 year old burnt out escorts in Orange County, CA of course, that were strippers in clubs once and now they can’t any longer because they are too old looking.  We are hot, young and fresh….kinda like a breath of fresh air.  Now please keep in mind, our definition of escorts in orange county, CA is just what is sounds like.   We love to go out….we love special occasions, we love to spend time one on one, and we definitely love to party! lol   We know that some escorts in orange county CA ruin it for hot, wild girls like us.  They are burnt out, old and rip guys off.  Because of that they are forced to prostitute themselves…which we think is a joke!  All that does is frame girls into bending and changing the true meaning of “escorts” into something that it is not…..just to profit off of them.  Now when you call us, you are calling the best.  The good part is it doesn’t cost a whole lot to see us….we think it’s almost…like free.  lol.  You never have to worry about us the same way that you do when you call other escorts in orange county ….we are all, hot, young and single.  NOT old burnt out prostitutes!  So I can’t stress this more…you must not try to shop around….because you definitely will get what you pay for….and you won’t like what you get when you’re looking for escorts in orange county.  When you do look for escorts in orange county we expect you to call us and I do mean only us.  You can call us anytime at 949-374-8009 and check out our site at www.escortsorangcecounty.com.

Ciao, for now

The Beach Girls

Orange County Escorts

Strippers Orange County

 Strippers Orange County

The Beach Girls the most drop dead gorgeous strippers Orange County has to offer!!!



Hi everyone out there. When it comes to the hottest strippers Orange County has to offer…look no further!   We are the only Strippers Orange County you should ever call!  This is definitely where it is at! We are all drop dead gorgeous!  This is why we are #1 when you’re looking for strippers in Orange County.  We don’t think there is anything wrong with using  the way we  look to make a little extra cash, especially since most of us are in school. We don’t think you will mind either once you see us and see what we look like….lol. This is why we urge to to see our website first by  clicking on the home page button or going to www.strippersincalifornia.com and then feel free to call us anytime after you see our site at 949-374-8009.  Plus let’s not forget we also get to have fun and meet real cool people.  How many of you out there get to have the type of fun we do while making a little extra cash?  I mean being the “hottest”  strippers Orange County has to offer has it’s advantages..lol.  We love to party, meet new people and try new places and things, all while having fun doing them.   Sorry, lol, I got a little excited and carried away there for a moment! Now I will  get back to talking about us.  Well, you should be so happy you found us! Because  not strippers look or act like us! Now I already know some of you know that already, cause  you’ve  had a bad experience with other strippers Orange County….or maybe you haven’t tried calling strippers in Orange County before.  Either way we stand alone.  Not only by how wild and sexy we are but by how honest and real we are.  Now I already know what you are thinking….honest? Real?  Really? In this business? My answer is YES to all of the above!  We take pride in that.  We don’t have to lie, we all are hot, love what we do and are all down to earth…because we know in order for us to have fun you need to be having fun and be happy too.  Otherwise, what’s the point?  We don’t send you a pic and then someone else shows up or there is no grabbing the cash and running out the door.  We know other strippers, and especially strippers Orange County have been doing that.  We think that sucks! We call that grab and dash. Don’t be fooled by someone sending a pic ahead of time cause let’s face it anyone can send a fake pic.  So you can put your mind at ease, none of that will happen here, guaranteed!   Look you know you want to have fun, no one is going to get rich or poor, the only thing that will happen is that we will all have a great time and we will be your new best friend. So all you need to remember is we are the hottest strippers Orange County has to offer period! So give us a call anytime again, at 949-374-8009. Thanks for listening about Strippers Orange County.

Bye for now!    


Hottest Strippers Orange County

Hottest Strippers Orange County

Wow!! The Beach Girls the Hottest Strippers Orange County has to offer.

Hi Guys,

Wow we are the Beach Girls, the hottest strippers Orange County has to offer!!!!!   If your looking to have a great time tonight look no further!  Again, we are simply the hottest strippers in Orange County, Ca, period!!!  It’s simple, we  are 15 of the best looking  single girls, ready to party anytime, no exceptions ever.  We know how to treat people like a King or Queen, lol and make them forget about everything and just focusing on how much fun we are having.  Let’s face it that’s why you would call in the first place, right?  It’s important every now and then to treat yourself for a change, lol and just let loose, forget all your problems and have some fun.  Otherwise we would all go crazy.   Plus taking a break from all the hustle and bustle helps you focus better and allows you to continue to do what needs to be done.    Even we take a break and have fun, lol!!! We just love to have fun and we are looking for the type of guy who wants the same.   Its all about fun and having a great time…. so if you’re not having fun then we are not having fun.  So its simple, all you have to remember is that the Beach girls are the hottest strippers Orange County has to offer !!  So no need to wait, click the home page button to the right to check out our website and you can see all our pics and how hot we look, lol,  or you can call us right now at 949-374-8009 or anytime your looking to party.


Thanks Guys for listening to us talk about the Hottest strippers, Orange County…Wow The Beach Girls!!!!!!

Strippers, Newport Beach, Irvine and Costa Mesa

Strippers, Newport Beach, Irvine and Costa Mesa

Searching for the hottest, wildest strippers, Newport Beach, Irvine and Costa Mesa has to offer?  

If your searching for the hottest, wildest strippers, Newport Beach, Irvine and Costa Mesa has to offer?  Look no further, we are The Beach Girls, the most amazing strippers, Newport Beach, Irvine and Costa Mesa has ever seen or even anywhere in Orange County.  We rule, lol don’t want to sound conceded but we are confident once you see us you will agree.  Especially if you have done this before, lol.  Not all girls or should I say Strippers, Newport Beach, Irvine and Costa Mesa look like us.  For that matter lets say anywhere in Orange County or even La County, lol!!! Well I know  OMG… you gotta see our website, guys that will prove it for sure!!!  We are all smoking hot and some of us are not even on the site, so click on the homepage button to the right of this blog and you will avoid all the garbage that’s out there in this business.  We hate that cause it makes it harder for us.  We are real and love to party and have fun.  Some of these so called strippers are old, can’t work in clubs anymore and they forgot how to have fun, lol.  Remember fun and having a great time is what it is all about, you wouldn’t even be reading this blog right now if you didn’t want to have fun, lol!!!! So call us now….we are ready to party and have fun tonight!!!   So if you’re in Newport Beach, Irvine, and Costa Mesa or anywhere else in Orange County for that matter,  what are you waiting for?

  Thanks for listing to us talk about the hottest strippers, Newport Beach, Irvine and Costa Mesa has to offer.  Also you can find us by our website, www.strippersincalifornia.com

or call 949-374-8009.


LA Escorts


LA Escorts

We are The Beach Girls, the hottest LA Escorts near the LAX area ever in this business!  

let’s be simple about it, when If comes to the hottest, wildest LA Escorts or in the LAX area,  there is no comparison!!! We are the best!!!  If I said it once I will I will say it again….”It’s either us or nothing at all.”  We Love LA, lol even though we are from OC.  For the first time we are willing to travel to LA (LAX area) so you can have the finest LA escorts experience.  We are tired of getting calls wondering if we would travel to LAth-234.  They get so disappointed when we say no cause the LA Escorts scene is so terrible.  You would think a city like LA would have hot, beautiful Escorts but they don’t.  This is why we made a decision to now go to LA.  We know there are a lot of travelers to LA especially since LAX is one of the busiest airports. We love meeting real cool down to earth guys and you don’t have to worry we are all fun and down to earth and easy to talk to.  We know just how to pamper you, lol!!! That’s our specialty.   We are young, single, fun and ready to party anytime.  I know once you see us you will be impressed and by the way we love to get impressed too! lol! you can visit our site and judge for yourself at www.stripppersincalifornia.com or call us at 949-374-8009 anytime even before you fly into LAX.   So if you’re a traveler and you are bored, want to have fun and party…..just give us a call and remember we are the ONLY LA Escorts to call!

Thanks for listening to me chat about LA Escorts.