Hottest OC Escorts


Hottest OC Escorts

Hottest OC Escorts, Heather and Nikki…Smoking Hot!

Hey Guys….STOP right there in your tracks, hottest OC Escorts ever right here!!!! OMG,Wow you gotta see our website.  We are all local, so stop gambling around, its horrible out there…We blow every single person in this business away! Hands down, there is no comparison. We are hot, young and single, what more can you ask for? Especially since what’s out there can make you sick and broke, lol. That’s what its all about?  Right?  Finding one of the best looking girls in the business that knows how to have fun.  It’s the best of both worlds….looks and fun!  I mean why bother if your not young and hot? lol.  Unfortunately not everyone out there can say they are the hottest OC escorts.  Well let me correct myself for a moment, they do say, lol but its not true! We can say it and we mean it!  Like I have said before, you can see us just once and you will be a friend/client for life!  Not only are we the hottest escorts ever in this business that know how to have fun, but we also make you feel like a king!  Let’s face it thats exactly what you’re looking for an amazing time with someone that actually enjoys meeting real cool people and who is not all about the money.  A lot of other so called OC Escorts just come in take the money and leave in 10 or 15 min.  We think thats horrible!!!  

Now here is our site, or you can click on our home page button to the right or the green home page button on the top of this blog.  Anyway…..just get to our site, check it out and let’s party tonight!

The beach Girls, hottest OC Escorts!!!


Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Looking for the hottest Las Vegas Strip Clubs?


Hi everyone!!  Looking for the hottest, sexiest Las Vegas Strip Clubs?  Well we all took a weekend off and went to Las Vegas, Nv.  All I can say is wow….what a great place! After our wonderful dinner that we had, we decided to check out and go play at some Las Vegas Strip Clubs.  Where we can have fun and contribute to entertainers that deserve it.  We were told the best Las Vegas Strip Club to go to is Treasures.  We were told it is safe…not in a bad area and definitely not a rough crowd going there.  Some of the Las Vegas Strip Clubs attract a rough clientele, not to mention they can be in some strange areas.  Also our reliable sources told us it is a large and elegant club.  They weren’t kidding!!  The Best looking Strip Club in Las Vegas we ever seen.  Some of them look like a warehouse or someone’s basement, lol. When we arrived we were in awe on how beautiful  the club is.  Everyone was down to earth and treated us like gold!  Plus we learned that they have a Steakhouse Restaurant right there with prime steak and you can hang out with hot girls while you eat….If we knew that we would have ate there, lol.  It’s the only strip club in Las Vegas that has a steakhouse!  

I hate when you go to clubs and the girls are so stuck up and the staff treats you like a number. Been to those Las Vegas Stip Clubs before, ( I don’t need to mention their names, I know some of you already know which clubs I am talking about, lol)  That’s not the case here.  That says a lot to us.  We had a ball!! We also ran into one of the most hottest dancer….blond with blue eyes and a perfect body.  Not to small and not to big.  In our opinion the perfect girl.  Believe us…we are in the business and we are usually right.  So cool and down to earth…..definitely not stuck up or a bitch.  Boy who ever gets this girl in life is a winner.  Here name is Cori, and boy can she entertain, she put us all in a trance!! She’s cool with girls too.  She said she’s there thurs through sat, anyone looking to meet a  real cool  beautiful dancer out in vegas definitely should seek her out.  You can ask one of the friendly floor hosts to page Cori.  If you  are really cool you can leave a comment to our blog or even give us a call  at 949-374-8009 and we can give you further information regarding Cori.  She was so amazing to us we would like to return the favor and help her anyway we can.  She is a hottie.

From all of us,

The Beach Girls



Newport Beach Strippers

Newport Beach Strippers

Searching for the most amazing Newport Beach Strippers? Search no further, you have just found the best The Beach Girls!!!

Hi Guys, we are super hot and local Newport Beach Strippers, so call us and only 5d6f2298_0b35ceus, especially if you’re searching for the best!

Yes its true, we are 15 of the best looking girls in in the history of Newport Beach Strippers. Its tough living in Orange County, CA and especially in Newport Beach, we find nothing wrong with utilizing the way we look in order to make a living. Our business consists of exotic dancing, bachelor parties and private shows, birthday parties or for any occasion.   Some might consider us to be escorts. Call it what you will, however what we are not are prostitutes, which we are against. We all live in Orange County, Ca, and some in Newport Beach. We love Newport Beach, we love the activities, the restaurants, the nightlife and of course the beautiful beaches of Newport Beach. Sometimes we run into other Newport Beach Strippers and try to convince them that it is ok to utilize the way you look to make money but not ok to do illegal things that might get you in trouble with the law.  It’s not worth it, it’s bad enough that cops try and make money on dancers instead of fighting crime.  Plus we know how to have fun and treat a guy like a king!!  That’s why we are the best, and why everyone calls us.  After seeing us just once you would be compelled to only call us!

 All us girls, take turn and blog about everything and this time it’s my turn and I just wanted to chat briefly about Newport Beach Strippers!  

Our phone number 949-374-8009. The Beach Girls, and you can visit our site at, feel free to call us anytime! Remember we are not all the same in this business, once you see our website and read it you will understand completely. We are truly the best looking girls in this business guaranteed!

Thanks for listening and of course let us know what you think.


Kimmy – Exotic Dancer/Model Escort/Stripper

Kimmy – Exotic Dancer/Model Escort/Stripper

Describing one of the hottest girls in the business:  Kimmy – Exotic Dancer/Model Escort/Stripper

Hi all, I am Kimmy – Exotic Dancer/Model Escort/ Stripper.  Don’t get confused, there are two Kimmy’s so sometimes we refer to me as Kimmy 2, lol!  I am still looking are you?  lol I am still looking for that right person.  I specialize in Bachelor Parties, Birthday Parties, Private Shows or any occasion you can think of.  I service all of Orange County cities like Rancho Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, san Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Niguel, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Villa Park, Newport Beach and etc.  I think you get the picture, lol.  

I am a gorgeous blond, have brown eyes and I am small but still curvy.  I would describe myself as being very fun, like the life of the party, loving, I love everyone and life itself, sincere, a flirt and love every minute of it, lol, yet still gentle and very provocative.  I love to go out and have a great time, whether it going to a party at someone’s house or going to clubs. Love to go to dinner with friends, going to the movies, Going dancing, I guess you can just call me a party girl, lol.  I dislike being bored and stick in the muds, lol!

The Beach Girls is great for me cause I am never bored.  Its perfect cause I love to party and have a great time.  I am always meeting great new people, allowing me to look for that Mr. Right, lol.  Plus I have meet so many great people who I consider friends. I think you can never have enough friends.  That is what makes us different from anything else out there.  We are not all about the money like everyone else.  We are not an agency, we are just a group of friends.  I am an Exotic Dancer, Model Escort/Stripper not a prostitute so don’t treat me like one.

If you want to party then look no further, I am your girl, so call us anytime at 949-374-8009.

Ciao for now, 

Kimmy 2

Becky – Escort/Exotic Dancer/Stripper/Model

Becky – Escort/Exotic Dancer/Stripper/Model    

Escort/Stripper/Exotic Dancer/Model

Escort/Exotic Dancer/Stripper/Model

Meet Becky – Escort/Exotic Dancer/Stripper/Model

Hi I am Becky, I am an escort/Exotic Dancer/Stripper/Model.  I am the one!! Pick me, Pick me, but only if you are the best!   You will not be disappointed. I love having fun with new people and confident you would love me too! Sorry don’t want to sound conceited but it’s the truth!! I specialize in Private Shows, Bachelor Parties, Birthday Parties or any or all occasions.  I come direct to you, I service all of Orange County, cities include Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Dana Point, Rancho Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Niguel, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Villa Park, Newport Beach and etc., I think you get the hint, lol.  

I have brown hair, blue eyes, an amazing smile and a hot body!!!  I would describe myself as confident yet affectionate, ambitious, frank, I am very straight forward (there is no lying in my eyes, lol), friendly, honest (if you ask me I will always be truthful) and loyal.  I appreciate people that are the same.  Some of my favorite things to do are:  biking, learning new things to better myself, playing music and socialize with friends and family.  I dislike dishonest people who can look you right in the face and lie.  

The Beach Girls, is the only place for me because we are in a class all by ourselves.  There is no one else like us, we are all beautiful and fun in our own special ways and have a lot to offer.  We are not an agency, we are a group of friends that formed a group and work for ourselves. We sometimes have help answering the phone because we need help with our schedules, we get booked fast.  I love it because It allows me to meet great new people and create some great new friendships. I am an Escort/Exotic Dancer/Stripper/Model.  I am not a prostitute so do not teat me like one.

All you have to remember is to pick me and you are guaranteed to have fun! Call anytime at 949-374-8009.



Hailey – Escort/Stripper/Exotic Dancer

Hailey – Escort/Stripper/Exotic Dancer       

Escort/Stripper/Exotic Dancer

Escort/Stripper/Exotic Dancer

Meeting Hailey – Escort/Stripper/Exotic Dancer

Hi everyone, I am Hailey, I am an Escort/Stripper/Exotic Dancer.  I have a question for everyone.  Where are all the good guys? lol!  I am looking for Mr good guy, hopefully he will be mr right?!!  Why not?  I am a great girl! lol!!!  What a perfect pair we will make. As you can see I like to play around, lol, seriously I have met a lot of great people so far just looking for that good guy!  I specialize in Private Shows, Birthday Parties, Bachelor Parties or any occasion you can think of.  I service all of Orange County, cities like Newport Beach, Villa Park, Anaheim Hills, anaheim, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Rancho Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa and so on and so on.  Sorry for not listing all cities in Orange County.

I am blond, big hazel eyes and beautiful.   I would describe myself as playful, friendly, I am a people person and I love people and get along with anyone at any age, I am amusing , quick-witted – I am always on my toes, never at a loss for words,  fun and charming.  Some of my favorite things to do are:  I love to joke and play around,  go dancing, tease, texting, lol and spending time with cool people.  I dislike bad boys and mean spirited people.

The Beach Girls is great because It allows me an opportunity to meet cool and interesting people. I totally enjoy that cause again, I am a people person.  I especially like meeting people like me who have a great sense of humor and like to play around. Trust me I can take it too.  Not just one of those people who can dish it out, lol! I am an Escort/Stripper/Exotic Dancer.  I am not a prostitute and would be insulted if I was considered one. 

I would love to meet and hang out and play, so call me anytime at 949-374-8009 anytime!!

Bye for now,


Kimmy – Stripper/Exotic Dancer/Escort

Kimmy – Stripper/Exotic Dancer/Escort      

Stripper/Exotic Dancer/Escort

Stripper/Exotic Dancer/Escort

Kimmy – Stripper/Exotic Dancer/Escort:  Getting to know who I am

Hi I am Kimmy, I am a stripper/Exotic Dancer/Escort.  What’s up everyone? I don’t want to be tied down, I am single and looking to have a lot of fun in life.  My favorite saying is “There is no time like the present!”  Right?  Why put anything off for another day?  I specialize in Bachelor Parties, Private Shows, Birthday Parties or any occasion you can think of.  I service all of Orange County, cities like, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Mission Viejo, San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Villa Park, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, Newport Beach, etc., etc.  I think you get the point? lol!!! Too many cities to list so don’t be offended if you don’t see your city listed.

I am a sensual brunette, with brown eyes and have killer curves.  If I had to describe myself, I would describe myself as passionate, sensual, creative, enthusiastic and a loving person.  Some of the things I love to do are:  Paint, cook, spending quality time with friends and family, have fun, lol and go where ever that may take me, meet new people (especially new people that like to have as much fun as I do)  and  learn new and interesting things.  I dislike feeling trapped or tied down, lol.

The Beach Girls is perfect for me.  I love meeting new and interesting people that I can have a lot of fun with. We are so different from anyone else out there.   We are not an agency, we are just a small group of friends who got together and decided there is nothing wrong with utilizing the way you look to make money.  We all are beautiful, young and hot.  I am a stripper/Exotic Dancer/Escort.  What we are not are prostitutes.  I think they suck!

I can’t wait to meet you and have a great time so call us anytime at 949-374-8009.



Nikki – Stripper/Exotic Dancer/Model Escort

Nikki – Stripper/Exotic Dancer/Model Escort   

Stripper/escort/exotic dancer

Stripper/exotic dancer/model escort

Introducing Nikki- Stripper/Exotic Dancer/Model Escort

Hi, My name is Nikki, nice to meet you.  I am a Stripper/Exotic Dancer/Model Escort.  I love meeting new people because for me it is like an adventure, you never know where or even how far it can take you. I specialize in Private Shows, Bachelor Parties, Birthday Parties or any occasion you can think of.  I especially enjoy spending time with couples.  That’s my forte!! I think it’s fun and I definitely know how to make people have fun and feel comfortable.  I service all of Orange County including:  Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Dana Point, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Laguna Niguel, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Villa Park, Newport Beach and so on and so on.

I am blond, have brown eyes, have a hard body and gorgeous. You can describe me as fun, adventurous, definitely curious, spontaneous and yet down to earth. Some of my favorite things to do are:  to meeting new people, I love to try new things rather then doing the same things over and over again, travel, ask questions cause I love to learn and oh ya forgot to mention have fun, lol.  As you can see I get bored easily, so I like to keep going.  I dislike judgemental people.  I never judge anyone, that is not my job and I just don’t have any use for people who would judge me or anyone.

The Beach Girls is a special place.  It is not an Agency we are friends that formed a group and that is what makes us so special because we are different from anything else out there.  We do have help answering the phone cause we can’t do everything, lol. We are Strippers/Exotic dancers and escorts not prostitutes.

Look forward to meeting you on my next adventure!!




Alise – Stripper/Exotic Dancer/Model Escort

Alise – Stripper/Exotic Dancer/Model Escort

Getting to know Alise – Stripper/Exotic Dancer/Model Escort

Hi, my name is Alise, I am a stripper/Exotic Dancer/Model Escort, I really love meeting new friends  and look forward to having some fun with cool people. I specialize in Private Shows, Bachelor Parties and Birthday Parties or any occasion you can think of.  I service all Orange County, like Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Dana Point, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente Laguna Niguel, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Villa Park, Newport Beach, etc., etc.  I especially love Newport Beach.  Love the area and have a lot of friends In Newport so It holds a special place in my heart and think it always will.  

As you can see I am blond and beautiful.  If I had to describe the type of person I am , I would describe myself as very outgoing, definitely not shy, lol, friendly, confident, definitely sociable, I am always out in the Newport Beach area lol!  I guess you can say I am kind of a social butterfly!  Some of my favorite things to do are:  traveling, going out to dinner with friends (especially in Newport Beach), going to clubs, parties and just enjoying the nightlife with close friends.  Good friends play a large role in my life.  If I consider you to be a good friend then I consider  you family.  I am a loyal friend and expect the same in return.  What I dislike are people are people who pretend to be your friend and then when given the chance, stab you in the back for their own personal gain.      

The Beach Girls is not an agency, It’s  just a group of friends that got together and formed this group.  We are young, sexy exotic dancers/strippers/escorts that look like professional models.  That is what makes us so different from the rest out there.  What we are not is prositutes!  Prostitution is unlawful.      

Strip Clubs In Orange County

Strip Clubs in Orange County

Are there any good strip clubs in Orange County?  

  Hi guys, are there any good strip clubs in Orange County?  Or have a the good ones closed?  We know that Captain Creams closed sever years ago and there are no real good ones left, especially in a good safe area.  The loss of Captain Creams  is very sad and  the city of Lake Forest didn’t come to their aid in this economy.  Its terrible that the landlord didn’t allow some type of rent adjustment to help keep 150 entertainers  from losing their jobs, again,  very sad.  They should all be ashamed of themselves!308 - Copy

Strip Clubs, in Orange County, well what can we say.   To be simple about it, there are very few Strip Clubs left in Orange County, CA.  That means less creative things to do in Orange County, Ca!!!!! I mean its always fun for couples to do something creative to spice up their life, and then of coarse if your single, that’s even better.  All of which are slowly being taken away in Orange County, Ca.  Well i guess the dui’s will be down, for the people that drink more than one beer, lol.  Now here is the good news.  We are open and ready to serve the best entertainment in the world and we definitely won’t be closing, lol.  We are 15 of the best looking girls, in the history of this business today, ever!  You can check us out by visiting our website at  Calling us will make you feel like you are in paradise, weather you are single or a couple looking to have a great time.  Look its 100% no-brain-er to call us. When you consider the alternative, driving around in seedy areas that you never been before, not to mention once you get there the strip club will look like a garage with ladies working there that definitely belong in another business.  I mean they look horrible!!! Then leaving the seedy club, now contend with the cops that hide around the corner to make revenue. In our opinion Captain Creams was the last great Strip Club in Orange County,  that served alcohol.  Plus Lake Forest is a very safe town and is considered a nice area, unlike the rest.  So please everybody, check out our website, read it and give us a call 949-374-8009.  It will be definitely be a night to remember!!! A great alternative to what’s left of Strip Clubs in Orange County.

Look forward to meeting you real soon!!!!