Female Strippers Newport Beach, CA

lipsr5Female strippers Newport Beach, Ca.


 Congratulations on finding our blog, its going to save you a lot of grief, lol when your looking for female strippers in Newport Beach or anywhere in Orange County.  Trust me, if you knew half of what we forgot you will be in trouble.!!!  What I mean by that is almost 100% of what’s out there is just plane garbage and a  total rip.  Some female stripers in Newport Beach will actually come to your door all torn up, take your money and say omg I forgot something in the car and they just leave.  This is real upsetting to us because they make all of us  look bad and we are the total opposite.  We hate old burnt out prostitutes that rip people off.  We love to meet cool people near where we live and party.  Especially around Newport, Irvine and Costa mesa.  We are the hottest female strippers around in Newport Beach, Ca or even Orange County or La County…..guaranteed!!! What we are not is old burnt our prostitutes, they suck!!!  What we are single, smoking hot girls, trying to make a little extra money on our own.  We don’t need sugar daddy websites because we are not looking to be set up, we like to make our own money on our own terms and meet mr right or even mrs right on our own!!!  There are a lot of female strippers who are rip offs out there and its not worth saving a few bucks cause you wills regret it later.  All you need to remember when your looking for hot female strippers in Newport Beach, Ca or anywhere in Orange county is to call us and only us at 949-374-8009 or you can visit our website anytime at www.strippersincaliforna.com.  We know once you call us we will be friends for life, lol.  We don’t want to seem conceded, but its the truth.

Thank you for listening us talk about female strippers in Newport Beach, and we look forward to partying with you real soon.  

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Strippers In Orange County

Strippers In Orange County

The Hottest Strippers Orange County hast to offer:  The Beach Girls!!

Hi everyone, well lets talk about Strippers in Orange County today.  I’ve been stripping and exotic dancing for a little over 2 years now.  I really enjoy it.  My experience has been great.  I never had any problems, met some really cool great guys! More importantly had a lot of fun doing it! Lol. We don’t think there is anything wrong with using our looks and our talent to make a living. We feel sorry for the guys that call and want to think about having one of us come over….then call back only to find its too late we are booked.  Then they call other strippers in Orange County, CA, in which 95% in my opinion are awful in every sense!!! I wish there is something we can say to the guys out there, first time callers, that are hesitant, that end up calling somewhere else  getting other strippers in Orange County, Ca and regret it!!! Not only because they get ripped off but the girl that shows up looks a hell of  a lot different then what they promised on the phone!!! I mean like horribly different…older and burnt out. Then they call us back and said that we were right we should have listened to you.  Look lets face it there are some desperate strippers out here in Orange County, Ca and ya, you might save $20 or $40 bucks here or there…but as you can see from what i described (this happens a lot) that it’s definitely not worth it!!!! I guess the old saying  “you get what you pay for” is so true. Look i get that everyone right now, especially with this economy, might need to save a little money here or there but really its not worth it to spend any money on garbage. Just remember this “no one will ever get rich or poor” from seeing a real hot stripper!!!!!! lol!!! Especially if its one of us.  Not all strippers in Orange County, Ca are the same! I hope you guys visit our website and check us girls out.

  We all can’t be on the site, and some of us can’t for family and privace reasons…however everyone that works here is gorgeous guaranteed!!!! You can get to our site, www.strippersincalifornia.com by this blog page by hitting the home page and other links on the top of the blog.

Thanks for listening about strippers in Orange County ! Call us anytime at 949-374-8009!


Hottest Strippers Orange County

Hottest Strippers Orange County

Wow!! The Beach Girls the Hottest Strippers Orange County has to offer.

Hi Guys,

Wow we are the Beach Girls, the hottest strippers Orange County has to offer!!!!!   If your looking to have a great time tonight look no further!  Again, we are simply the hottest strippers in Orange County, Ca, period!!!  It’s simple, we  are 15 of the best looking  single girls, ready to party anytime, no exceptions ever.  We know how to treat people like a King or Queen, lol and make them forget about everything and just focusing on how much fun we are having.  Let’s face it that’s why you would call in the first place, right?  It’s important every now and then to treat yourself for a change, lol and just let loose, forget all your problems and have some fun.  Otherwise we would all go crazy.   Plus taking a break from all the hustle and bustle helps you focus better and allows you to continue to do what needs to be done.    Even we take a break and have fun, lol!!! We just love to have fun and we are looking for the type of guy who wants the same.   Its all about fun and having a great time…. so if you’re not having fun then we are not having fun.  So its simple, all you have to remember is that the Beach girls are the hottest strippers Orange County has to offer !!  So no need to wait, click the home page button to the right to check out our website and you can see all our pics and how hot we look, lol,  or you can call us right now at 949-374-8009 or anytime your looking to party.


Thanks Guys for listening to us talk about the Hottest strippers, Orange County…Wow The Beach Girls!!!!!!