Strip Clubs In Orange County

Strip Clubs in Orange County

Are there any good strip clubs in Orange County?  

  Hi guys, are there any good strip clubs in Orange County?  Or have a the good ones closed?  We know that Captain Creams closed sever years ago and there are no real good ones left, especially in a good safe area.  The loss of Captain Creams  is very sad and  the city of Lake Forest didn’t come to their aid in this economy.  Its terrible that the landlord didn’t allow some type of rent adjustment to help keep 150 entertainers  from losing their jobs, again,  very sad.  They should all be ashamed of themselves!308 - Copy

Strip Clubs, in Orange County, well what can we say.   To be simple about it, there are very few Strip Clubs left in Orange County, CA.  That means less creative things to do in Orange County, Ca!!!!! I mean its always fun for couples to do something creative to spice up their life, and then of coarse if your single, that’s even better.  All of which are slowly being taken away in Orange County, Ca.  Well i guess the dui’s will be down, for the people that drink more than one beer, lol.  Now here is the good news.  We are open and ready to serve the best entertainment in the world and we definitely won’t be closing, lol.  We are 15 of the best looking girls, in the history of this business today, ever!  You can check us out by visiting our website at  Calling us will make you feel like you are in paradise, weather you are single or a couple looking to have a great time.  Look its 100% no-brain-er to call us. When you consider the alternative, driving around in seedy areas that you never been before, not to mention once you get there the strip club will look like a garage with ladies working there that definitely belong in another business.  I mean they look horrible!!! Then leaving the seedy club, now contend with the cops that hide around the corner to make revenue. In our opinion Captain Creams was the last great Strip Club in Orange County,  that served alcohol.  Plus Lake Forest is a very safe town and is considered a nice area, unlike the rest.  So please everybody, check out our website, read it and give us a call 949-374-8009.  It will be definitely be a night to remember!!! A great alternative to what’s left of Strip Clubs in Orange County.

Look forward to meeting you real soon!!!!



Private Strippers

 private strippers


Hey Guys,

Simply the best strippers Orange County has to offer!

We Are all the hottest private strippers Orange County has to offer or ever had to offer!  Just wait till you see what we look like! Click on the home page button in green and check out all our pics…..which are real by the way, and we are not liars.  That’s why we are so popular!  I know some of you have herd or even experienced the “bate and switch” problem in Orange County, Ca.  Like when the girl gets there she looks like a total train wreck….and old, not at all what the picture looks like.  We are the hottest private strippers in Orange County, Ca and in Southern California…..hands down, case closed. 

All of our pics can’t be on the website and some of us choose not to be….cause of family etc, but everyone here is drop dead gorgeous, guaranteed! We would never promise you one girl then send another…..we think that sucks! I mean,  its so bad that its almost like 100% of the business turned out bad.  Every stripper, every escort is all a bate and switch.  I guess maybe because they are forced to do that….if they put in their real pics no one would call cause they are butt ugly, lol!  A lot of private strippers are old strippers who used to work in clubs and can’t anymore…so they forced to do this business and they get their foot in the door by guys like you seeing a hot pic and then you are disappointed when she gets there cause she doesn’t look anything like the girl in the pic.  This is why we are so busy. Plus as a bonus we are all very private and discretion is #1, you will never have to worry about us with information.  We are the opposite of what’s out there!  Now, we can’t all be on at the same time… it’s whatever private stripper  is available when you call.  My suggestion is to always try and call as early as possible cause we do get booked fast.  Remember when your looking for hot private strippers in Orange County, Ca you call us first…cause if your having fun then we are having fun too!  You will never be disappointed with us!  I just want to thank you for listening to us talk about private strippers in Orange County, Ca!

Call us at 949-374-8009 anytime!

Hottest Strippers | The Beach Girls


Hottest Strippers | The Beach Girls

Simply the hottest strippers The Beach Girls

 Omg…..the hottest strippers The Beach Girls….only call us!!

Hi Guys, if you’re looking for some companionship tonight and you want the Hottest Strippers | The Beach Girls is the only option.  There is just one piece of advice I can give you, don’t wait for the last minute to call because we get booked up fast and you would definitely not like the alternative, lol!!!  Not all strippers can say they are the hottest strippers, The Beach Girls can!!! What more can we say?  We are the 1%!!!!!…lol, because 99% of what’s out there, belongs in the trash can, lol.  I know there are guys out there that know exactly what i’m talking about….cause they experienced it first hand, and if that wasn’t bad enough, then on top of it they get ripped off.  Am I right?  Well let me answer for you……Of course I am right!! That’s why we say….”Omg, the hottest strippers,  The Beach Girls, Only Call Us.”   Look we know you want to have fun and don’t want to spend money just to be disappointed.  That would make you feel worse.  So it really does matter who you call.  We are not only the hottest strippers in the biz but we are all young, fun and ready to party anytime.  With us it’s all about you….because if you’re not having fun then we aren’t having fun either and we want to have fun too, lol!!!  Yes, we do this to generate income but its not all about the money with us.  We love our friends/clients and love to meet new people too.  So it really does matter who you call, especially if you’re calling from, Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa or anywhere else in Orange County, Ca.  

You can go to our website,, or click on our home page from this blog to get to our website or you can call us anytime at 949-374-8009.  We love to party, we are drop dead gorgeous and we live right here in Newport Beach.