Hottest Escorts, Newport Beach, Orange County area ever! 


Hi Guys,


We are all independent escorts, our site is you can click on the link and it will take you directly to our website.  99% of escorts in this business are pure garbage and a lot of them hang in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Irvine, etc.  The vast majority of these escorts are old retired dancers, from the 90’s.  So don’t get caught up in the escort scam. 

 Some of these companies do like a bate and switch….you know,  promise you one thing and then you end up getting another…an Escort that looks like hell! Or what we think is even worse, which is “cash and dash”.  What that is, is when the Escort gets to your door, looks like hell and your feeling reluctant to give her the money…..but you end up giving it to her anyway against your better judgement.  Then she comes in and after 5 or 10 minuits  and she says she will be right back, she needs to get something in the car.  Then you never see her again cause she takes off.  We think that sucks!!!   It makes it so much harder for awesome people like us, who love what we do, because everyone  thinks we all are like that.  We are the opposite from that.  We love meeting new cool people and we are very friendly and honest.  Definitely open minded, never judgemental because if your not having fun then we aren’t having fun. I mean isn’t that what it is all about?  Having fun and a good time?  When you call and Escort and then when the Escort arrives you want to open the door and say ‘WOW, you are the best looking escort in Orange County and in the world.    That is what you will think when you call us. 

So put your mind at ease because I can guarantee that you will never be scammed or lied to here!!  Plus we are even nice to other Orange County Escorts, even if they look like hell. That’s just how we are so  you have to check our website out……because in our opinion seeing is believing!

Call us anytime at 949-374-8009 and our website again is

Thanks for listening us chat about Escorts!! See ya soon!

Courtney, xoxo

Escorts Strippers in Orange County

Escorts Strippers In Orange County

Hottest Escorts Strippers in Orange County Guaranteed!

Hi guys we are the only Escorts strippers in Orange County to call.   STOP right here!!!! Stop surfing because it’s all garbage and trickery. 

You must visit our website and check us out. You can either click on the link, or click on the home page button on the top of this blog. 

We are ready to party anytime…….call us at 949-374-8009! We are the hottest Escorts Strippers in Orange County guaranteed!!! What’s out there in this business is 100% bs!  They are quick to send you a fake pic…then when the girls gets there its someone completely different! After staying 15 min…. when you give her the money she says she will be right back…when in fact she leaves!  This is what’s called grab and dash.  This makes us so mad! It runes it for the REAL escorts strippers who wouldn’t think of doing anything like that.  This is why we are number 1! We have a reputation of being real, honest and upfront.  No hidden fees or bs here! What we say or see is what you get.  Now not all of us can be on all the time so don’t get discouraged if only some of us are available when you call or if some of us are booked.  That happens a lot….we are very  popular  but you can rest assure everyone here is a total babe, lol.  I mean, its like you don’t want to sound to confident but how else can I get it across to you we are just simply the best?  I know some of you looking for escorts strippers in Orange County have herd that before……but seeing is believing….once you have seen us just once you will be a friend for life and wouldn’t dream of calling another escort, stripper in Orange County!   It doesn’t matter if it’s for a party, a private show or any occasion.  We are the only escorts or strippers to see ever.  Look there are a lot of desperate people out there so not everyone can look or act like us and I know you don’t want to be embarrassed  So when you looking for Escorts strippers in Orange County you only need to call us at 949-374-8009!  

Escorts In Orange County, CA

escorts in orange county

Escorts in Orange County, CA


The Most Amazing escorts in Orange County, CA are The Beach Girls!!!

Hi everyone!

We are the only Escorts in Orange County, CA to call!  Ok, you got to see our website and check us out now! It’s easy, all you have to do is click on the green home pg button or you can always get to our site anytime by going to 24 hours a day! Please make sure you do that right now.  We’re HOT and the rest are NOT!  Well that is unless you like older  40 year old burnt out escorts in Orange County, CA of course, that were strippers in clubs once and now they can’t any longer because they are too old looking.  We are hot, young and fresh….kinda like a breath of fresh air.  Now please keep in mind, our definition of escorts in orange county, CA is just what is sounds like.   We love to go out….we love special occasions, we love to spend time one on one, and we definitely love to party! lol   We know that some escorts in orange county CA ruin it for hot, wild girls like us.  They are burnt out, old and rip guys off.  Because of that they are forced to prostitute themselves…which we think is a joke!  All that does is frame girls into bending and changing the true meaning of “escorts” into something that it is not…..just to profit off of them.  Now when you call us, you are calling the best.  The good part is it doesn’t cost a whole lot to see us….we think it’s almost…like free.  lol.  You never have to worry about us the same way that you do when you call other escorts in orange county ….we are all, hot, young and single.  NOT old burnt out prostitutes!  So I can’t stress this more…you must not try to shop around….because you definitely will get what you pay for….and you won’t like what you get when you’re looking for escorts in orange county.  When you do look for escorts in orange county we expect you to call us and I do mean only us.  You can call us anytime at 949-374-8009 and check out our site at

Ciao, for now

The Beach Girls

Orange County Escorts

The Beach Girls Escorts San Clemente

The Beach Girls Escorts San Clemente

The Beach Girls Escorts, hottest escorts in San Clemente!!!

The Beach Girls Escorts San Clemente….wow!  Hey all you guys out there in San Clemente……you can avoid all the garbage out there in this business by simply calling us first!!!! Can’t stress that enough…..i know the guys that were already ripped off know what I’m talking about. I also want to talk to the guys who never done this before.   I know some of you are hesitant to call because you afraid you’re going to be disappointed.  Let me put your mind at ease, that will never happen here!  You just have to have a little faith and put your trust in real people like us, not old prostitutes that take the money and run!!  We think old burnt out prostitutes suck!!! Yuck!!, lol  The Beach Girls are the only escorts San Clemente to call!!  Let’s  be real simple about it….. what’s out there is garbage, and we are all young, hot and I mean smoking hot, single girls ready to party and have fun.  I know some of your out there are stressed out and what better way to relieve stress then to have a fun, smoking hot escort, like us?  Let’s face it, if you didn’t want to have fun then you wouldn’t be even reading this blog, right?  Plus we like to have fun too….so this should be a no brainer, lol!!!   All you have to do is remember when you want an escort in San Clemente or even if you’re just thinking about having a hot escort, you must only call us!!   We compare to none!! So click on the homepage button to the right of this blog to get to our website or call us now at 949-374-8009.

The Beach Girls Escorts San Clemente!  

Bye, for now!!    lips

Female Escorts Newport Beach CA

Female Escorts Newport Beach CA

The Most Amazing Female Escorts Newport Beach CA Ever!!!


Searching for the hottest female escorts Newport Beach Ca?  Your search has just ended!! You have found the best…The Beach Girls!!

Hi everyone!! It’s been awhile since we blogged. Sorry for that, but I would like to chat about the hottest female escorts Newport Beach, CA, has to offer.  By the way, it’s  so easy to get to our website.  You can check us out and have us come over anytime.  All you need to do is click on home (in green) which is located at the very top left corner of this blog, to get to our home page. Our website address is

All we can say about female escorts Newport Beach, Ca, is that we are the very best in the biz today.  We also like to be treated the best in return.  Prostitutes, we are not, for those weak minded individuals or motive minded people who focus on our business.  We treat everyone wonderful and make them feel very special, cause that’s what we are here for.  Nothing is worse then, when its not returned.  We don’t understand guys who get treated like royalty and think it’s ok to be rude and disrespectful in return.  Thank god we don’t see too many of those, lol…..we have Mike who is a great screener on the phone. Lol.  I don’t know what we would do without him, he keeps us safe and organizes everything for us.  A huge help since we own our own business.  We need a good organizer.  Can’t be the best in everything!! Ha ha.  Anyway we also want to say we focus here in Newport Beach cause that’s where we live and we love our community.  We are big advocates on donations too.  We donate to fantastic children’s charities.  If people knew how much we donate, I think they would be shocked.  Especially after paying our business expenses, which we feel are outrageous.  Anyway thanks for listening to our little chat on female escorts, Newport Beach, Ca. 

Ps.  Guys call us anytime 949-374-8009

Bye for now.



Escorts Orange County


Escorts Orange County

The most amazing escorts Orange County has ever had!

Hi everyone, just thought i would talk about Escorts Orange County today.   We are the Beach Girls, we compare to none!   Wow! First check out our website, all you have to do hit our homepage in green on the top of the blog.  We are 15 of the best looking single girls in the history of this business!!!  We are all very close friends from Orange County.  I been dancing now for a few years, and my experience has been great! Never had any problems, thank god!! But associated with our business, escorts orange county, we occur outrageous bills. You would think with a small business like this that wouldn’t be the case, however it is.  For example; escorts orange county/beach girls, occurs a $1,500.00 a month charge for a small ad in the local yellow pages. What a rip off that is.  Not to mention all our other advertising expenses which exceeds 2,100.00. Not including general business expenses, which we would like to forget about, lol.  Who really makes the money in our business, escorts orange county,  is our advertisers!  We understand some people out there might think we are rolling in the dough…actually its rolling right into the hands of our advertisers. But yet we are the ones being focused on by certain parties.  Ridiculous!!  Yes,  we do also receive tips but with our overhead, (which is more consistent then our tips) its sometimes difficult to make ends meet, while waiting for Mr. right.  I think i can speak for all escorts in orange county, ca, but especially true for us. We own our own business, rather then work for some escort agency in orange county.  We are the best exotic entertainers in the business today.   Whats out there is total garbage….i know some people out there are skeptical but you will not find better looking or better exotic entertainers  in this business guaranteed! Remember i said exotic entertainers…not prostitutes.  If you are looking to hang out with some hotties and want to party and have fun call us asap at 949-374-8009 or check out our site 

Thanks for reading about escorts orange county !